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A Little History

A Del Mar California Gremmie in the late 1950’s - Holmesy was a surfer with an imagination and always wanted to create with his hands. Holmesy moved to South Florida in 1964 having made surfboards in California and brought the industry of custom surfboards to South Florida. He was the first to develop a new board called the Sidewinder, the Sidewinder was known for nose-riding contests in the mid 1960’s. His boards are still known among the old school surfing industry and you can often find the Sidewinder for sale as a collector’s item in the back of “Surfing Magazine” in some surf shops. As a visionary, Holmesy built a very successful business. Holmesy Surfboards were known and sold from Maine to Florida and Puerto Rico. In this new century they still have a following.

The Sidewinder was a Holmesy Surfboards original, created in the mid 1960’s, this product put Holmesy on the map.
Shown on left the 2002 model, shown on right the original model created in 1964.
The Palm Beach Post-Times as shown November 7th, 1964, to promote tourism in South Florida

Holmesy riding a Sidewinder “Surfer Magazine” Ad

Double T-Band Longboard Check out the prices...
9’ boards and under $110.00
10’7 to 11’ $130.00


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Holmesy riding the nose of the Sidewinder  

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